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Workshop Facilitations

Modern organisations need new ways of working.  That is why workshops are so important to set the vision, engage, be heard, problem-solve and move forward.  Research shows 86 percent of senior leaders view workshops as the most effective means to improve trust and gain buy-in from senior leaders to operational personnel.  When everyone is engaged they flourish into some of the best performing teams.  

Our facilitation techniques have been developed through years of research and proven in the field.  Why workshop with us?  Five reasons why you should ask us:

Business People Applauding
  • Employee Engagement - We take employees on a journey and help improve engagement throughout the workshops.  We help to build trust, encourage collaboration, and reflect to an organisation's core values and strategies.  We embrace the DICE - Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Engagement delivery methods for best results.

Discussing the Numbers
  • Analysis - We analyse all forms of data and information, and present them in easy to understand sets of information.  We also help you map out your processes where required.  This helps leaders and employees connect the dots and makes buy-ins possible.  

Building Homes
  • Fair and impartial - By listening to inputs from all round, we do not make judgments on organisations or people.  We make fair assessments and bring our expertise to the table so that organisations can chart paths forward with an effective edge.

Ask an Expert
  • Experienced - We have over 15 years of expertise in delivering effective workshops at different layers of organisations, professions, industries and countries.  We are confident we are able to help your organisation in its goals.  

Computer with Graph
  • Results - It is important that workshops are sponsored at the right level.  We can advise, based on the scope of work and breadth of implementation, how workshops and outcomes are to be sponsored.  We engage the sponsors early and work with relevant stakeholders to ensure joint ownership of the success of the workshops.  

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