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This one is going out to a very special friend

We recently started an Innovation for Community Program. One of the things that we procured is a 3D Printer.

A team member suggested we did something for someone special. She recently came across a special friend, whom she had met at a childcare centre. Jack is almost five and has autistic spectrum with challenging family situations in the past. A caring boy, he thinks he is Wall-E, a character from the Pixar cartoon.

Each time he feels insecure, he would cower and compact himself like how Wall-E would. And he hopes no one would notice or find him. He would also do other things to imitate Wall-E and it is just fun to watch.

Senior Director Gerard Gan said "We hope to put a smile on Jack, and hope he grows up strong to lead this imperfect world with his caring personality. Just like Wall-E". It took us six hours to print (lots of staring at the machine doing its dance). This one is going out to you!

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