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Asia Pacific Public Sector Mentorship Program Kicks Off

Earlier this month, the public sector mentorship program kicked off. It was great to see mentors and mentees from the public sector, private sector and university meet for this exchange.

Each mentor was paired with a mentee. The purpose of this relationship was to promote public sector as a career path, as well as assist mentees in working their day to day experiences, be it that they are currently in, or aspire to joining the public sector.

It was also a our pleasure to have Hon. Nima, a member of parliament of Bhutan, to share his experiences with the participants on the kick off night. His many insights were inspiring, including us having a glimpse of Bhutanese culture and life.

The program goes for 9 weeks, with three main events (Kick Off, Mid Program and Closing) a month apart. Mentor-mentee pairs will undertake regular or weekly sessions at their own choosing. We wish the all the participants a great journey.

The Organising Committee

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