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A very Original Kind of Intelligence

Congratulations to Mr. Ian Ng (CTO)(left) and Mr. Clifford Sum (Technical Director)(right) of Original Intelligence for attaining the 2019 Product Excellence Award. This award is presented to individuals or companies that excel in the field of business systems product development covering business, technical and operational aspects that fulfills the requirements of the Information Systems Product Development Framework assessment criteria.

Hard work and dedication has paid off for the duo who built the company over more than a decade, garnering a portfolio that covers government and private sectors including financial institutions, manufacturing, services and construction industries.

They build business systems for clients. Not just any clients, but those who have specific needs where large IT platforms may not suit. Their nimble, customised solutions and support has proven time and again that businesses need to 'think out of the box', where out of the box or over the shelf systems do not hit the spot.

Many thanks to the assessment panel and committee members for their dedication.

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