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Image by Vita Marija Murenaite

Improving Parking Officer Safety

Keeping the city on the move

Parking is an important aspect that keeps the economy strong in city and urban areas.  In most councils, parking officers provide the education, safety, and enforcement of parking laws to ensure safe and proper flow of traffic across the city.

Providing a voice for the employees

Trending up over the months was the amount of violence towards the parking officers by members of the public.  Key stakeholders were consulted as the scope of the engagement refined.  Working with the managers of the department, data was collected, analysed and presented back to facilitate robust discussions.  Over six weeks, the workshop series incrementally honed in from problem definition, to root cause analysis, to options analysis, and to solutions roadmapping.  The workshops empowered all officers to share their thoughts and ideas for improvement.  The participation rate was over 85%.

Safer for employees, smoother economic flow

Through the series of workshops that brought together senior management, team leaders, parking officer representatives from each regions, WHS managers and union leaders, we facilitated the development of de-escalation techniques, measurement, key metrics and continuous improvement culture towards zero harm.  Over 12 months post workshops, the aggregate severity and frequency was reduced considerably.  The officers were better equipped to handle difficult situations, improved in productivity and feeling safer.  With renewed confidence, the city can be assured that the flow of parking and human activities continue to contribute to the thriving economy of city.  

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