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The world changes fast.  Very fast.  All thanks to the device we created and perfected only over the last fifty years.  What will the next fifty years hold for us?  

If the answer is a lot more than we know now, then every business and organisation should get busy with digitisation.  It is no longer a luxury but foundation block.  We have a wide spread of services capabilities to be on any part of of transformation journey.

Some of our specilisations:

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  • Digital transformation - Whether you are switching from paper base to digital systems or simply moving from legacy systems to a more 'schmick' system, we can help.  We help you to explore PAAS and SAAS.

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  • Agile Scrum & Dev Ops - Software development using agile techniques.  We can coach and set up systems to support software development operations.

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  • ITSM - IT Service Management set up for businesses.  It could be the entire suite based on ITIL v4 Practices or part of such as service desk, Change Advisory Board (CAB), problem and incident management, network administration, database administration etc.

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  • Data management, infographics, reporting & user empowerment -Some information are just too disparate manage and make sense of.  We have expertise to empower you to to make informed decisions about your business.  

  • Data science, AI and machine learning -Data is what we know of the world and data science is how we see it.  This fast growing field has spawned a new generation of scientists and engineers.  We can also assist in Neural Networks predictions, Fuzzy Logic implementations for businesses and development of expert systems.

  • Business process mapping & requirements gathering - We help you develop your business processes and present them in BPMN 2.0 formats or infographics.  We also undertake business requirements gathering and business rules documentations.

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  • Business case development - We help develop business case for your quest on projects, programs or portfolios.  

  • IT Governance, Risk and Audit - Who is approving your financial controls systems?  We help implement IT governance for your businesses.  We can also help you discover your risk profiles and mitigation strategy.  In audit we assist in preparation of audits and coordination of audit events, interviews and answers.

  • Cyber Security - Also one of the fastest growing area.  We help define requirements for cyber security, discover weaknesses and develop a roadmap for implementation.  Talk to us on implementation or maintaining your ISO27001 certifications.

Our teams members are certified in: 

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