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Let's face it, it is not always rainbows and butterflies in an organisation.  Even at the top, the issues and complexities can get overwhelming to navigate.  Sometimes this is due to the sensitivities of the issue, the lack of information or analytics or the potential for perceived conflict of interests.  Whatever it is, we are not here to judge, rather simply providing a lending hand to move things forward. 


For this suite we provide:

  • An experienced senior executive - An executive who will be your sounding board, and walk you along the journey so you are not alone in this

  • Fact finding - We help you collect data and information and sieve through facts from noise.  We can interview, note and request for information

  • Decision support - We help you analyse the data and present in a meaningful way so you can have ease of mind

  • Conflict resolution - We may be able to assist in setting up meaningful dialogues, facilitate and derive an outcome 

Five reasons why you should consult us:

  • Confidential - We take each engagement seriously and respect the sensitivity of the issues.  It is our pledge to endeavor to provide as much protection to all parties as the law requires.

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  • Evidential and process based - We follow stringent guidelines to ensure procedural fairness to all.  We undertake both fact finding, data collection, interviewing and facilitative styles of investigations.  We use effective time lining, cause and effect, process mapping, analysis of change among other tools.

  • Impartiality - It is our mandate and ethics to remain above the line and be impartial in all situations.  This ensures protection of the law with all parties involved.  

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  • Trained - We are trained in

    • NSW ICAC prevention of corruption

    • NSW Ombudsman Public Interest Disclosures (PID)

    • NSW Ombudsman Investigating Misconduct in Public Sector

    • Taproot incident investigation & Root Cause Analysis

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  • Value add - We are also aware of work health and safety, bullying and harassment, data privacy, auditor general guides, corporate governance, ASIC and cyber security spaces.

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