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DICE - Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Engagement

Diversity is the key to modern success.  American writer, Jacqueline Woodson said:

"Diversity is all about us, and about us figuring out how to walk through this world together".  

We understand this journey.  Hence, our services extend to discover, analyse, review and remediation of DICE or diversity, inclusion, culture and engagement.  They expand as:

  • Diversity - The world has just become a cosier place with communications and transportation shortening transmission and travel times.  In the workplace we are working with people of all walks of life more than ever.  Get used to it!  In cultural diversity, will come from all parts of the world, speak different languages at home, think differently, enjoy different food, sing and dance differently.  In gender diversity, men, women and other gender identities see things differently and respond to situations differently.  In age diversity, the baby boomers will almost always treasure job loyalty than the millennials who learn from a variety of roles.  

  • Inclusion - Inclusion is a form of acknowledgement of diversity.  To include someone is to share your activities, thoughts and decision-making with them.  In turn they share theirs and you discover that working in an inclusive environment creates the best outcomes for everyone.

  • Culture - The culture referenced here is that of an organisational culture.  It is the way things are done in an organisation.  What behaviours are accepted?  What leadership traits are pursued and rewarded?  As Peter Drucker puts it "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", an organisation whose strategy is great but culture is poor will not perform in the long run.  This is especially true when modern laws are starting to catch up on bullying and harassment, violence, threats, corruption and misconduct.  

  • Engagement - We have seen much development in the space of employee engagement over the past decade.  One popular survey is the People Matter Engagement/Employee Survey that is being undertaken by organisations and governments to have a sense of how engaged employees are in the organisation, how the management and senior leaders are setting examples and how well employees trust them to lead, observations of corruption, harassment and bullying, and employee's confidence on reporting incidences.  

Things we can do in this space:

Hands on Computer Keyboard
  • Discover - We undertake a survey with the employees.  This can be anywhere from a 20 people to 1000 people organisation.  Questions asked will be in line with contemporary research methods and content.  

Analyzing the data
  • Analyse - The results are collated and presented in a meaningful way.  We use advanced statistical methods to generate insights and structure them in a meaningful way so that C-Suites and senior executives have a birds eye-view of their organisation.

Contract Review
  • Review & remediation - We workshop with senior leaders and managers to design a road map to gaining improvements.  We can help to project manage or handover to the client to manage and return periodically to reevaluate.  

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