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Successful organisations transform themselves every few years.  This is because a step change is required after a few years, just like a car that needs to undergo a major service after a few years.  

Outside of leadership, management and culture, our Corporate and Strategic Services looks at the underlying business infrastructure i.e. what makes a business run well.  We look at business planning, operations management, risk, asset management, financial management, business initiatives portfolio and value drivers of a business.  

Areas where we practice:

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  • Business Planning - We assist the development of your business' future.  We help to develop your organisation strategy with full transparency, engagement and communication.  Be it 5 year, 3 year or 1 year plans we can help you navigate through. 

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  • Business Reviews - We undertake development of reviews and deliver reports, analyses, white papers and business cases. We help to review the achievements of KPIs, the development of KPIs, Root Cause Analysis, SWOT analysis among others and if required, how the business can turn around.   

  • Enterprise Risk - We help discover your enterprise risks, assist in development of your risk appetite, develop risk assessment criteria and develop a risk profile and risk register.  

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  • Asset Management - How an organisation manage its assets is critical to its success.  We look at the Whole-of-Life Analysis for plant and equipment down to its procurement, operation, maintenance and disposal values and help you define and design effective systems and processes to deliver best in class value.  

  • Financial Management & Financial Systems Review - We undertake review of financial management practices and strategies.  Budget planning, tracking, scenario analysis,  service development and efficiency analysis are a few things we do in this area.  

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  • Business Initiatives Portfolio Development - When the business is growing, your initiatives and projects become hard to manage.  We help you develop a portfolio, set key success criteria, initiate the input channels and develop ways to manage the selection process.  We can help you discover your portfolio efficient frontier.

  • Value Driver Tree Development - We help you develop where your business gets most value from and what are the true costs of running your business and find leverages to establish a nexus for programmed action.

  • Accident and Incident Investigations - We help separate the facts from sentiments.  We gather, interview, timeline, record, analyse and present information for industrial accidents and incidents.  

Trying to transform a business?  Don't sweat it