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Business and Process Improvement
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Almost 100% of organisations have one or more business processes.  Banks and financial services have some of the most repeatable processes around.  Each time you walk to a teller at the bank and ask to cash a cheque or withdraw money, they are undertaking a business process.  Similarly a car manufacturing company has thousands of operational processes in order to make the same car every day.  


But why are business processes important?  Typically, businesses employ resources to perform these processes (human, machine or computer).  To complete these processes could take anywhere for one second to a few days.  What if there are millions to be performed each day by one machine?  Also, what if these processes are not standard between one operator to the next?  Speed, variation and errors (defects) are key factors to business processes.  These effectively allow key performance indices to be developed for better business performance.  In order to achieve operational excellence for any organisations, their business and operational processes must be capable, stable and optimised.  


Things we do in this space:

  • Quality Management Maturity Study - We study the business climate and culture with quality reference models.  This is usually done by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  The results will show where the organisation is good at and where the gaps are and recommendations of improvement.

Analysing the Numbers
  • KPI Design - Poorly designed key performance indices can hamper the business and employee morale, let alone tarnish your reputation.  This is why we study the data of your process or processes, and use process capability analysis to determine how stable your process is, and assist you in designing the appropriate key performance indices.  

Business Team
  • Lean six sigma or business improvement program - We can design a lean six sigma program that will suit your organisation using the DMAIC method.  This stands for Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.

Investment Chart
  • Organisational improvement portfolio design and management - We take a step higher and link business initiatives to the pillars of your organisation.  These are usually financials, health and safety, risk, market share, employee engagement, yield, sales and customer satisfaction.  We analyse data, engage leaders and employees.

Fitness Instructor
  • Executive coaching - We coach executives and management teams on attaining their yellow, green or black belts through their training and projects.  

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  • Advanced Statistics - We use a various analytical methods such as ANOVA, t-Tests, Chi-Square Tests, hypothesis testing, Comparison of Variances (Comvar), analysis of main effects, autoregressive moving averages and others to suit your business needs.  

  • ISO9001 Implementations- We provide support for organisations aspiring to attain this certification along their journey.

Our teams members are certified in: 

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